Why Have an Buyer Empowerment Consultation

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A Buyer Empowerment consultation allows a buyer whether a first-time buyer, seasoned buyer, investor, or even a licensed realtor to learn things most all agents don’t know and should. You will actually learn not only how to get into an agreement, but how to get out of one. What other real estate ,agent would teach you that? One who wants to be your agent for life, that is who!

You will learn the history of the contract and how to best use it for your advantage. Most of all you will learn seven strategies that can save you up to $30,000-$50,000 when you buy. These are strategies other agents won’t teach you about and you won’t find on the internet. You will learn how to get your offer accepted the first time, on your terms.Families

You will be shown a system that takes two-thirds the work out of the buying process. Within the consultation-, you will go through a process that clarifies or crystalizes your selection process. This way you will less likely buy the wrong house. It takes the guess work out of the process.

We will go over the purchase agreement, so you will be familiar with it and how to use it for your advantage prior to writing an offer. This way you won’t be confronted with a 10-page complicated legal document you had never even seen.

The Buyer Empowerment Consultation is just that, a consultation designed to empower you!