Your Word

To me, there is not a whole lot more important than your word! In business and real estate as it is in any relationship it is of upmost importance if one desires to keep that relationship and have it be workable.

BridgeYour word in my world is more than just saying or doing what you said you would do. Why not go even farther than to honor your word? Honoring your word is a matter of integrity. Integrity is a structure like the structure of the engineering of a bridge. If the integrity or structure of a bridge is not whole, eventually the bridge will no longer work.

How can one go further with your integrity or word, by following the tenants below:

I learned the following from a personal and professional development and training company called Landmark. (see the page under interests of David)

  1. You can do what you said you would do. Honor your word.LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview
  2. Do what it is you know to do.
  3. You can do what one would expect you to do.
  4. Do what needs to be done.
  5. You can do complete work.

This is all above and beyond what one may think is good enough. What if one lived in a world where good enough, wasn’t good enough? What if one lived in a world where their word was more than that? Would real estate be a whole lot easier? Would entering into a relationship with a real estate agent be more productive, simpler, and easy? Would there be more closed sales? Would life be more the way it ought to be?

I say YES.

David Kline Lovett NextHome First Choice (your choice) Realty

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Fake News? Or Fake You’s?

ActorOsho an amazing spiritual teacher, gave a talk about Fake News? Or Fake You’s?. Osho spoke about how our political system is based on lies. These politicians or liars are unfortunately rewarded and elected for the lies. They are really if ever authentically themselves.

We in society are rewarded and trained to lie. When we are children, we are told to love our mother. Society doesn’t wait for our love to come naturally. We are encouraged and feel forced to fake it. It is our duty to love our mother. We then pretend, smile, and act loving toward her. We are fake, inauthentic, we wear different masks like this in all areas of our life. We forget how to be natural. If we are in a room with our boss, we show the boss a smiling face. In that same room, at that same time, we show an entirely different face to the waiter.

Even the word personality means persona, a persona is defined as a role or character adopted by an author or an actor. We are trained by society to adopt different masks all the time. We have a different face for almost every situation, encounter, and conversation. We get so we don’t even know who we really areLukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

There is a second you that Ohso talks about, one that Freud taught. The unconscious you, the you of our dreams, the you that comes out when you are drunk. This you is far more authentic than the fake you that bends to every conversation. There is a third you, a Divine you, a you of pure awareness, authentic and real.  You can find it by slowing down, taking the mask off, by being vulnerable. You can find this real authentic you when we meditate.

Real estate works best when you are authentic, when you take off your masks. To buy, sell, or invest, to interact with buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, and escrows, it works best to just be you! Life works when you do you! The best way to discover the authentic you is to slow down, sit down, and meditate. The most productive thing you can do to live in your dream home is NOTHING. And, that is no FAKE news.

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What are You Creating Today?

LightWhat are you creating today? This was the question Rev. Dr. Michale Beckwith, the founder and señor minister at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Beverly Hills, asked this last Sunday. This simple question was profound for me. It made me think and I hope it makes you think too. Rev Michale went on to remind us that we are all born creators, that is who we are, and what we were created to do.

This is an extremly profound truth. You were born to create, and you can create literally anything you want. God, Spirit, the Universe, the Mind, Universal Intelligence, whatever you want to call, whatever it is… Wants you to create. Let me repeat that, God wants you to create.

Dr. Beckwith went on to tell us to let go of our victim consciousness. He is saying stop pretending that you are a victim. Stop pretending that you are anything less than awesome, fantastic, with all the abilities in the world. Stop pretending that you are not complete, whole, and truly unique in every way. Know that there is no one, absolutely no one like you. You are the only you that was ever, or will ever be. And just being born, being the sperm that made it is one in something like 13 trillion. Believe it when I tell you, you are truly special.LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

Rev Michal went on to ask, “What do you need?” The answer is…NOTHING.

If you can truly create anything, why not create your perfect home, sale, or rental property? Really, what is it you are creating today? Ask yourself, what do I want to create. My buddy Arron wanted a cabin in Big Bear, and he now has a beautiful cabin in Big Bear. Ask and you shall receive. Choose what it is you want to create, and it will be created. So why not create your new or NextHome… ha ha… did you like the way I threw that in there? Again, Rev Michale asks you, what are you creating today?

David Kline Lovett, NextHome First Choice Realty

I’m Here For You!

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The Truth about Open Houses

Open HouseReal Estate agents may not want to admit the truth about open houses. To begin, what exactly is an open house? Why do real estate agents hold open houses? What is the real story regarding open houses

In real estate, there are actually two types of open houses. One is called a broker open house. A broker open house is where a house for sale is made available for brokers and agents to view. The idea is to have agents and brokers see the house so they may be familiar with it, and after seeing it show it to their client buyers.

The other type of open house, the type I’m talking about today is an open house where a                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     home that is on the market for sale is made available for the public to come by and view. The open houses are typically held on Saturdays and Sundays and can be during the week, morning, noon, and there are open houses held in the few hours before dark, they are referred to as twilight open houses.

Agents have open houses for the most part for four reasons:

  1. To appease the seller. Agents hold open houses to show the seller that something is being done to sell their property.
  2. To sell the house.LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview
  3. To build and expand a brand for an agent. An agent increases his or her brand by placing signs throughout a neighborhood. The signs have their name on it, thus showing the neighborhood that the agent is hard at work and successful.
  4. Open houses are primarily for agents to find, sellers and buyers. The agent is hoping that they can obtain clients to assist while they are holding the house open.

What is the real story regarding open houses? Let’s go over the four reasons one by one:

  1. It is great to have an open house to make a seller happy; However, statically very few homes sell at an open house. Agents to be fair, hold homes open knowing this and don’t normally inform the seller of this fact. My friend Michael held 250 open houses in the last year and had a total of zero people who considered buying a house that he had held open. In my opinion, this is not serving a seller, as it is out of integrity unless this fact is disclosed to the seller.
  2. An agent can sell the home at the open house, and it is extremely rare and not the real reason the agent is holding the house open.
  3. To build a brand for an agent. It is fine to build a brand. And a seller should be informed in my opinion what the agents true intent is.
  4. Open houses are for the most part, for agents to meet buyers and sellers. The odds of a buyer walking in and that particular home being their dream home is again extremely rare. This is the real truth about an open house.

David Kline Lovett, NextHome First Choice (your choice) Realty

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