MagicAre you interested in the magic of manifesting whatever it is you desire? Do you believe in magic? Can one really just think of something and BAM it is a reality?  Today we are talking about intention. Setting an intention is a major influence on what and how you can attract what it is you want into your life. It truly can seem magical. You can look at it the way Albert Einstein thought of it, “There are two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle the other is as though everything is a miracle.”

An Intention, when set and intensely thought about can and will assist you in manifesting that thing that you are thinking about into your life. The first step is to know and to be clear on what it is you want. For me, I want to have a townhome on the bluffs. The bluffs are western facing not only to the sunset (which is awesome) but also the Pacific Ocean. For me, being about to see the sunset from my own living room, bedroom, or balcony every night is a dream come true! Many days I either drive to the bluffs or the beach to see the sunset. That is a two or a five-mile drive, just to witness a sunset. LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

You too can set an intention on where you want to live next. Maybe it is in Hawaii, Florida, or the south of France. You might like to retire in England or be an actor in New York City. Maybe you want to get a bigger home right where you live, or maybe scale down to something a bit smaller.

Whatever it is you desire there is magic in simply the act of setting an intention followed by a bit of action. There is a Quaker expression, “Pray and move your feet.” When you set an intention followed by action, you are a powerful force.

It was the last day of eighth grade, there was an assembly and the school gave out awards. One of the awards was for most outstanding athletic for the entire school. Bill McCadden won the award for the most outstanding athletic for all of the ninth grade boys that year. At that moment I set an intention to win it the next year. There were 716 kids in my class, assuming 50% were boys, the odds of me winning that award the next year was one in 358! Not Good Odds. I set an intention to win it the next year. I went out for every sport and did the best I could. I also kept my intention and desire to win it in my head almost every day. And exactly one year later, I walked home with that award, (a really nice trophy) and a lesson that if I set an intention and keep it in mind I can achieve that which I put my intention on.

Whatever it is you desire, a home, a dream vacation, or a mate. Set an intention and add a little action and there is bound to be some magic. Know that, “There are two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle the other is as though everything is a miracle.”

David Kline Lovett, NextHome First Choice (your choice) Realty

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Albett EienstienAlbert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Napoleon is quoted as saying, “Imagination rules the world.” Joe Dispenza, a spiritual teacher, author, and master of the laws of the mind was hit by a truck while competing in a triathlon. He broke six vertebras and healed himself simply by using his imagination. OMG.

With Imagination you can do, have, and be anything you desire. When you stop to think about it, everything starts and came from imagination. Some caveman or cavewoman must have seen lighting strike the ground and cause a fire and imagined recreating it. Then there was fire. Someone may have tossed a trashcan lid, and then imagined the Frisbee. Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can be it.” A dream begins with imagination.LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

If you can dream it to be it, why not dream your dream home? Just imagine what it looks like. Imagine how it feels to live there. See yourself picking up the keys and having a move in party. See who is there and hear them congratulating you on your new home that is perfect for you.

Like Einstein said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” When you imagine whatever it is you want, including your dream home, know that if you can dream it, you can have it.

David Kline Lovett NextHome First Choice (your choice) Realty

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Call a Friend


Like the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, it is a great idea to call a friend. Today I was feeling low frustrated and a bit hopeless. Most days it just seems easier to just be by myself, watch tv, or maybe eat a half a gallon of ice cream. Today I felt like I was at rock bottom, or at least close enough to warrant calling for help.  I called my friend Brian. It was a great call! LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

Brian and have the same issue that we are dealing with. We were able to share our feelings, ideas, and inspirations. We supported each other and related to our similar unnecessary fears and trepidations. We were mutually supportive and each shared our realizations that our fear isn’t really real! Sharing is a powerful tool for transformation. I’m happy to say, IT WORKED!

Lastly, we each set up a plan of action to guide us toward our respective goals, desires, and dreams. We both put them in writing and shared them with each other. I also shared mine with a good friend/coach as well as my girlfriend. Sharing assists in making goals, dreams, and desires real. Brian and I as well as my friend/coach will hold each other accountable for completing our plans. We closed the call with a powerful prayer.

I was so energized I got out of bed. I was so distressed, I was ready for bed at 6:30 pm. After the call, I felt so energized I raced out of bed, out of the house to a lookout point a mile away to watch the sunset, and then off to do some grocery shopping. Calling a friend is indeed a great idea.

Now after 300 words what does that wonderful story have to do with real estate? I’m glad you may be wondering. If you aren’t sure to buy or not to buy. To sell or not to sell. To refinance, to fix up, to tear down, to take on or get rid of a roommate. Call a friend. You will be glad you did.

David Kline Lovett, NextHome First Choice (Your Choice) Realty

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We can all get so much more accomplished when and if we just have a little curiosity. Nothing great ever happens without it. What if Thomas Edison wasn’t curious about how a light bulb worked? What if man/woman didn’t care about figuring out how to start a fire or invent the wheel? What if Ben and Jerry weren’t curious about how to make a better ice cream?

The world is so much better when we are curious. This also works in real estate for both buyers, sellers, and they’re agents. Without being curious one might not ever move in the first place. A person might not even think something like, “what would it be like to have a bigger better home? What would it take to move to the beach? Can David really sell our house for the number we want to sell it for?LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

When I started out as a real estate agent, I was curious about what I might be able to do for my clients, where can I find them, and how can I make it happen? To be curious is a step toward action. Action that may be new, creative and rewarding.

Albert Einstein says this about curiosity, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he/she contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.”

Don’t be afraid to be curious. It could help you make that move you have been wanting to make, or to move you to find the home of your dreams.

David Kline Lovett, NextHome First Choice (your choice) Realty

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What Creates Value

You have heard the saying Location Location LocationHouse pic 2

If you can remember Paul Harvey a radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks. He broadcast News and Comment shows and his famous  The Rest of the Story segments. From 1952 through 2008,

Location still and in my option is perhaps the most important feature in creating value. A property next to the freeway onramp isn’t as valuable as one on the boardwalk at the beach. Yes ,this is true, and there are other factors that create value for a property or your home or future home. And now the rest of the story.

Another story regrind value is Design, the way a property is laid out defiantly has an effect on value. My best friend in high school and up until now grew up in a house that is tri-level. You go in and the entry kitchen and living room are on one floor in the middle. There is a bedroom, family and large utility room a half a floor below. Directly above is the third level that has three more bedrooms. His mom loves the house and refuses to move despite being well into her 80s. Constantly going up and down is a real problem for her. This style of home just doesn’t make sense anymore. Why not just have a one or two story home? People may have liked this style in the 1960’s and they also liked afros, bell button pants, and go-go boots. It’s just not cool anymore. The design of a home does have a huge impact on value.LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

Style is another factor that creates value. By style what I’m saying is how things are arranged, the quality of the furniture and decorations, wallpaper, fixtures, etc. If the home is out of date, the carpet is 40 years old. (yes, I have seen carpet that old) the property isn’t going to be as valuable.

Marketing and advertising. The last thing on this list is marketing and advertising. The first three items, location, design and style if you notice have nothing to do with the agent or broker involved. Marking and adverting is the only factor in creating value by an agent. Not to brag, and now I am bracing, I do know the seven strategies that can net a seller anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 and more depending on the sales price when they sell. Again this inside knowledge is because of my coaches Gina and Kirby Ellis, Next Level Real Estate Academy.

If you are looking to Net, more than others in your neighborhood-Please call, text or email David.

David Kline Lovett, NextHome First Choice  (your choice) Realty

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