My Real Estate Book

101 Reasons to Love Your Real Estate Agent

3d cover 101 reasons to Love Your Real estate agent copyThe signs into the driveway were clearly marked entrance; arrows led me exactly where to park. At the instant my car came to a stop, a woman with a lab coat and a fancy clipboard greeted me, “Good morning, Mr. Kline Lovett. My name is Michelle. I will be at your service for you and your car today.” Then she inquired, “Mr. Kline Lovett, will you be having the same type of oil change as you did on April 17th?

The above scenario was the beginning of what was an amazing customer experience. At that point I already knewthat I was being taken care of by a true professional. The remainder of the oil change experience was equally easy, enjoyable, and professional. Michelle even served me orange juice and a blueberry muffin. All this and I never got out of my car. Your real estate agent for life offers you the same kind of service that I experienced at that oil stop.

There are at least 101 reasons to love your real estate agent. Your agent may be the most valuable professional you ever do business with! Just like an iceberg, most of what your agent does is beneath the surface. You don’t see nor are aware of many of the tasks, jobs, and duties they perform for you. This book was written for you to realize all of the many and varied aspects, duties, and jobs that your real estate agent provides for you! Your agent does more than find and sell your home for you and your family. A well-selected real estate agent will assist you in every aspect of your real estate life, and amazingly in many other aspects of your everyday life. You will discover that there are at least 101 reasons to love your real estate agent.

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