Comedy Made Easy

Comedy Made Easy

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Comedy Made Easy with its 123 joke templates will unlock your humor potential so you can…impress your friends, co-workers, and clients with your humor. Feel more energized, healthy, and happy. Hear people say, “It’s fun doing business you you.”

“If you are funny you can become important and when you become important it serves 

you to be funny. David Kline Lovett will help you understand how to be funny and earn 

more money!”  

 ~ MARK VICTOR HANSEN, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and Co- Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Thank you for simplifying how we mere mortals can be funnier in our presentations and every day interactions. You had me engaged from the very beginning with the Comedy Lingo. Your dedicated research and study will pay off for everyone who reads your book.”    

~ PATRICIA FRIPP, Past President National Speakers Association, Keynote Speaker, Executive Speech Coach, Sales Presentation Skills Trainer, and Virtual Training Expert

“If you are stuck writing comedy material, you might want to turn to any of David Kline Lovett’s “123 Joke Templates” to kick start your creativity.”

~ JUDY CARTER, Author of The Message of You (St. Martin’s Press), The Comedy Bible (Simon & Schuster)

Lovett’s book is comprehensive. There should be something in here for anyone who wants to make people laugh.”

~ Gene Perret, Comedy writer for Bob Hope’s special appearances and television specials from 1969 until Hopes retirement, Jim Nabors Hour, the Carol Burnett Show, head writer and producer for Welcome Back Kotter, and the Tim Conway Show

“David Kline Lovett drinks from the well of the masters and spits… wait, no, that’s not right. Start again. David Kline stands on the shoulders of giants and they collapse—%$#@*. Uhm, okay, third time’s the charm. David Kline Lovett wrote a hella of a book about being funny and it’s almost as good as mine. Ah. Nailed it.”

~ JOHN VORHAUS, Author of The Comic Toolbox: How to be Funny Even if You’re Not

“David Kline Lovett’s Comedy Made Easy teaches us how to laugh the laugh of Buddha—soulfully, passionately, freely. Let the cosmic humor that fills this book bathe your soul in joy.”

~ MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH, Author of Life Visioning


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