Foreword3d cover 101 reasons to Love Your Real estate agent copy

“For Decades there has existed an acute dichotomy between how Real Estate professionals perceive themselves with how many consumers according to surveys infer the value of the overall Real Estate industry.

One reason for this perceived value void is self-inflicted.

Specifically, Realtors need to do more to convey their real and higher value. Otherwise, consumers inundated with our Industries incessant deployment of self-promotion are left to conclude that we are collectively obsessed with self-preoccupations and personal promotion. 

This limited and superficial first impression that we are all about ourselves first and underserves the Real and life-enhancing value we provide millions of consumers every year.

Tens of thousands of high-quality agents work diligently and tirelessly on behalf of their client each and every day across our industry. Regrettably, such hard work and professional skills are too often taken for granted or not fully respected.

This Book “101 Reasons to Love Your Real Estate Agent…Find Your Agent For Life” for the first time sets the record straight regarding the profound value that our brands, brokerages and most of all agents represent.

We can all take pride as we drive by millions of homes in the knowledge that each lifestyle represents a distinct story of our skill, dedication, and perseverance. Even more commendable is how Realtors work without any guarantee of any compensation whatsoever.

This story, one which captures our greater value is long overdue and I commend David Kine Lovett for so, comprehensively telling it.”

Gino Blefari

Chief Executive Officer HSF Affiliates LLC

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Real Living Real Estate