101 Reasons to Love Your Real Estate Agent, Find Your Agent For Life demonstrates the true value of your real estate agent. Here is what real estate executives are saying…

“In ‘101 Reasons to Love Your Real Estate agent’, David Kline Lovett has written one of the most comprehensive, educational books on real estate to date. Sharing the most crucial details without overwhelming the reader, his easy-to-understand guide shows the true value of working with a real estate agent.”

Chris Pflueger3d cover 101 reasons to Love Your Real estate agent copy Vice President, Business Development, RE/MAX, LLC


“We love David’s book, 101 Reasons to Love Your Real Estate Agent, and not just because we love the number 101. This is a comprehensive look at what it takes to build lifetime client relationships, and it will be invaluable for both the agents and their clients. Whether you are looking to get started or restarted, or to build your business to the ultimate level, David provides the road map in a clear, concise and readable way. Congratulations to David for this remarkable work.” -Floyd and Mike

Floyd Wickman  Author of my 101 Greatest Dialogues, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame, Chairman of the Floyd Wickman Team

Michael Pallin, President, The Floyd Wickman Team


“This book is a strong validation of the value a Real Estate Agent can and should provide. The real estate transaction can be complex and cause unwanted anxiety for all parties involved in the process. An experienced and professional agent is imperative to maintain order and a positive outcome; minimizing stress is a component of the job. David does a fantastic job bringing clarity to an otherwise murky process of the role the agent plays completing all the tasks ‘under the iceberg of the water’ as he put it. This is a must-read for agents to improve and validate their value, as well as the consumer to better understand the Realtor’s role.”

Craig Witt, President U.S. Division Exit Realty Corp


“David Kline Lovett has created a fun and informative read that helps real estate buyers and sellers understand how important it is to have a genuine advocate representing them in their purchase and/or sale.. David’s knowledge, humor, and practical advice shine through in this book. A must-read for consumers and agents alike.”

Imran Poladi, Vice President NextHome, Inc.