Annotated Table of Contents


Foreword  by Gino Blefari                  3d cover 101 reasons to Love Your Real estate agent copy        



I.  Why You Need a Real Estate Agent            

II. Advantages of Having an Agent 

III. How to Select Your Agent                     

IV.  Should I Become an Agent? 

V.  What to Expect From Your Agent 

VI.  Commitment (Your) 

VII.  When Do You Opt Out?

VIII.  What Your Agent Must Know     

IX. Salesmanship 

X.  You Need a Friend   

XI.  Coach 

XII.  Marketing Executive 

XIII.  Producer 

XIV.  Problem Solver 

XV.  Information & Design Technologist 

XVI. Data Analyst 

XVII.  Self-Promotor 

XVIII.  Project Manager                                   

XIX. Communicator 

XX.  General Contractor 

XXI.  How to Find Your Agent 

XXII.  Final Thoughts/Appendix 1-17 


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