3d cover 101 reasons to Love Your Real estate agent copy

I’m grateful, first of all, for life. For whatever or whomever made this wonderful world and gave us the ability to live in this amazing, fantastic world. I’m so blessed to be alive at this time in history in this wonderful country and have the ability and freedom to write this book, to express how we contribute, assist, and guide each other to make this a better world to live in.

I am thankful to my coach, friend, minister, guru, teacher, and comic genius, Dr. Rev. Joanne Coleman. This book would not be possible without her encouragement, love, and pit-bull-ishness. (I know that’s not a word…yet). Rev. Joanne gave me the tools, the confidence, and the knowledge that I’m good enough. Thank you. 


I acknowledge Rev. Kristina Collins, Rev. Karen Rice, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jim Baker, Jessie James, Marian Camson, Karen Kimes, and David White Cloud Burkhart, who have all nurtured, taught, inspired, and encouraged me to believe in myself. You have all encouraged and motivated me to express and believe in my gifts and talents. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Special thanks to Shelly Greenhalgh-Davis, my incredible editor, and Rekhaa Gopinath for the the amazing front and back cover designs.

Please note: many of the names and examples written are changed and enhanced to protect the privacy of the individuals and to assist in making the points for the examples.