It’s Football Season

Yes… if you are a football fan you just love this time of year! The college football season has started, the teams have been preparing since January, and the weather is starting to cool. For me, I decided that to not be a total fan, (and the word fan is short for fanatic) I limited my viewing and interest to just one team. Being a football fan can take up too much time.  I’m busy assisting people to realize their goals and dreams in real estate. Let’s get back to football. My solution to this problem is to only watch one team.

UnknownI choose that my one team to be a fanatic about is, The Ohio State Buckeyes. My father graduated in 1939 with a Doctorate degree in Veterinary medicine. A quick story: it was 1936, my dad was 19 years old and he was in Ohio Stadium, and he heard a roar from the crowd. He would later say it was the loudest roar he would ever hear and he went to hundreds of events in his 87 years. The crowd was cheering for Jessie Owens, (an Ohio State Graduate) returning from the Berlin Olympic Games with  four gold medals around his neck. This exact event was later depicted in the 2016 movie Race, where Stephan James played Jesse Owens.
I love the teamwork, dedication, preparation, and hard work that goes into a successful football team and program. The Ohio State football team is very successful having won recent national championships in 2002 and again in 2015. They have beaten their rival (Michigan) or as they like to say (the team up north) as to not say the “M” word. They have won 16 of the games played since 2000, and seven in a row. Beating the team up north seems to never get old.

It is their preparation, teamwork, and planning that creates their success. And, the execution that leads to their success. It is a beautiful thing to watch. Every opponent is determined to curtail their goal of moving the ball down the field. So far this year, (as of this writing they are 3-0) the Buckeye team has been successful in doing just that. Football above just about anything else, with its extreme physicality is a demonstration of will, desire, and determination. One team vs

The success that The Ohio State football team enjoys goes back to their tradition of excellence as an intuition. Players want to come to Ohio State to play. Now with all their success, many go on to become multi-millionaires in the pros. High school players want to fulfill their dream of playing in the pros, (The NFL-National Football League) and choosing Ohio State is one of best choices to make to receive the training, developed, and exposure to become  a quality NFL player.

For me, the football games, and particularly, Ohio State exemplifies what excellence is all about. What hard work, preparation, determination, and most of all teamwork can accomplish.

I can see the similarities to life and to real estate. In a real estate transaction, there is a bond that develops between an agent and their clients. At least there should be one for a great team to develop. In this case, the goal isn’t the end zone. The goal is a successful, pleasant, and as easy as possible experience.LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

The Ohio State Buckeye football team has one of if not the best conditioning and body development programs in the county. Best coaches. Best nutrition. They even have a program called Real Word Wednesdays, where players learn about careers other than football, (life after football). What I’m talking about is excellence, planning, and executing that plan.

I have a team, and have the training and experience to support my clients, just like Ohio State has to support their players.

  1. I have been licensed since 1979
  2. A real estate broker since 2005
  3. My office-NextHome has the best support, technology, systems I know of.
  4. My training with Next Level Real Estate Academy, train ned me an amazing system with strategies that will outperform the completion.
  5. My training as a Toastmaster has allowed me to master communication and leadership skills
  6. My training with Landmark enables me to have the ability to interact and understand people that leads to cooperation, affinity, and mutual agreement.
  7. My training as a Spiritual Practitioner gives me the ability to see and know that All people are amazing individuals doing their best. I can forgive and forget any transgressions in others and myself. I see only the perfection in all people. (most of the time)
  8. I have two assistants helping me to assist YOU…

I think that winning is not an accident. If you are a football fan, a buyer or a seller it takes hard work, preparation, and cooperation to achieve success. As the list above implies, I have the team, the preparation, and experience to help YOU WIN.

Best to your Success….

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