Albett EienstienAlbert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Napoleon is quoted as saying, “Imagination rules the world.” Joe Dispenza, a spiritual teacher, author, and master of the laws of the mind was hit by a truck while competing in a triathlon. He broke six vertebras and healed himself simply by using his imagination. OMG.

With Imagination you can do, have, and be anything you desire. When you stop to think about it, everything starts and came from imagination. Some caveman or cavewoman must have seen lighting strike the ground and cause a fire and imagined recreating it. Then there was fire. Someone may have tossed a trashcan lid, and then imagined the Frisbee. Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can be it.” A dream begins with imagination.LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

If you can dream it to be it, why not dream your dream home? Just imagine what it looks like. Imagine how it feels to live there. See yourself picking up the keys and having a move in party. See who is there and hear them congratulating you on your new home that is perfect for you.

Like Einstein said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” When you imagine whatever it is you want, including your dream home, know that if you can dream it, you can have it.

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