Call a Friend


Like the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, it is a great idea to call a friend. Today I was feeling low frustrated and a bit hopeless. Most days it just seems easier to just be by myself, watch tv, or maybe eat a half a gallon of ice cream. Today I felt like I was at rock bottom, or at least close enough to warrant calling for help.  I called my friend Brian. It was a great call! LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

Brian and have the same issue that we are dealing with. We were able to share our feelings, ideas, and inspirations. We supported each other and related to our similar unnecessary fears and trepidations. We were mutually supportive and each shared our realizations that our fear isn’t really real! Sharing is a powerful tool for transformation. I’m happy to say, IT WORKED!

Lastly, we each set up a plan of action to guide us toward our respective goals, desires, and dreams. We both put them in writing and shared them with each other. I also shared mine with a good friend/coach as well as my girlfriend. Sharing assists in making goals, dreams, and desires real. Brian and I as well as my friend/coach will hold each other accountable for completing our plans. We closed the call with a powerful prayer.

I was so energized I got out of bed. I was so distressed, I was ready for bed at 6:30 pm. After the call, I felt so energized I raced out of bed, out of the house to a lookout point a mile away to watch the sunset, and then off to do some grocery shopping. Calling a friend is indeed a great idea.

Now after 300 words what does that wonderful story have to do with real estate? I’m glad you may be wondering. If you aren’t sure to buy or not to buy. To sell or not to sell. To refinance, to fix up, to tear down, to take on or get rid of a roommate. Call a friend. You will be glad you did.

David Kline Lovett, NextHome First Choice (Your Choice) Realty

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