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If you can remember Paul Harvey a radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks. He broadcast News and Comment shows and his famous  The Rest of the Story segments. From 1952 through 2008,

Location still and in my option is perhaps the most important feature in creating value. A property next to the freeway onramp isn’t as valuable as one on the boardwalk at the beach. Yes ,this is true, and there are other factors that create value for a property or your home or future home. And now the rest of the story.

Another story regrind value is Design, the way a property is laid out defiantly has an effect on value. My best friend in high school and up until now grew up in a house that is tri-level. You go in and the entry kitchen and living room are on one floor in the middle. There is a bedroom, family and large utility room a half a floor below. Directly above is the third level that has three more bedrooms. His mom loves the house and refuses to move despite being well into her 80s. Constantly going up and down is a real problem for her. This style of home just doesn’t make sense anymore. Why not just have a one or two story home? People may have liked this style in the 1960’s and they also liked afros, bell button pants, and go-go boots. It’s just not cool anymore. The design of a home does have a huge impact on value.LukeSign_18x24_Tag1_preview

Style is another factor that creates value. By style what I’m saying is how things are arranged, the quality of the furniture and decorations, wallpaper, fixtures, etc. If the home is out of date, the carpet is 40 years old. (yes, I have seen carpet that old) the property isn’t going to be as valuable.

Marketing and advertising. The last thing on this list is marketing and advertising. The first three items, location, design and style if you notice have nothing to do with the agent or broker involved. Marking and adverting is the only factor in creating value by an agent. Not to brag, and now I am bracing, I do know the seven strategies that can net a seller anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 and more depending on the sales price when they sell. Again this inside knowledge is because of my coaches Gina and Kirby Ellis, Next Level Real Estate Academy.

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