Code of Ethics

NARToday I attended a class at the local board of realtors regarding the code of ethics and standard practice. It was taught by an amazing instructor named Kirby Ellis. Kirby and his wife Gina have a real estate training company called Next Level Real Estate Academy. Kirby talked about many things, all related to real estate, and all of it was fascinating, profound, and hugely beneficial to one’s real estate practice.

The one idea or principle that stood out to me regarding ethics was also a lesson for life. If a buyer or seller is working with a client, and they are under contract. Under contract means that they have signed a buyer/broker agreement or a listing agreement for sellers. If this is the case you as an agent, you do not talk business with that client. In fact, it is best to talk to them as little as possible. A casual conversation can easily violate the practice of not talking business to another agents client.

Where this gets tricky is when a buyer or seller asks an agent whom they are not working with a question. For instance, if a buyers agent is previewing a property and the owner asks what they think of the price, or do you have a buyer for my property, or what do you think I need to do to get the property sold. These seemingly innocent questions can lead to a violation. You can see how an agent can get themselves in trouble by talking too much. They could say something disparaging about the listing agent in a hope to obtain the listing. This is not cool or pithing the guidelines of the code of ethics.

This leads to life. How often do we say things, (gossip) that we shouldn’t? Really, one time is too many. I confess I’m guilty of this far too often. Here are a few reasons that I think gossip is a NO WIN habit.


  1. It may not be true
  2. When gossiping about a person, it is possible they might hear you
  3. People tend to gossip about gossip. It inevitably will get back to your target, and no one wants that.
  4. If we gossip about others, others are going to gossip about us
  5. If you believe or not in Karma-in my opinion-you are in trouble
  6. What comes around goes around
  7. When talking negatively one tends to feel negative

In conclusion, it is never a good idea to talk too much, trust me I know.

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